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How to Afford Dental Work Without Insurance

In 2016, 23% Americans were reported to be without dental insurance, according to the National Association of Dental Plans. Further, it was stated that the people without dental benefits have a higher incidence of other illness. For instance, they are 67% more likely to incur heart diseases.1 Oral diseases in children and adults are becoming […]

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Dental Tourism in Phuket

Andre: What could be worse than visiting the dentist? Alisa:  Paying his bill. Many of you, I’m sure, can relate to the above conversation and have been avoiding the dental treatments you need. But have you not heard of dental tourism in Phuket, Thailand? A dental trip to Phuket can help you save not only […]

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Zimmer Teeth Implants in Thailand

Zimmer teeth implants in Thailand are now available in almost all the leading hospitals and dental clinics of the country. Zimmer dental implants offer a comprehensive solution to almost all types of implant cases, no matter how complex they are. High cost of teeth implants is a huge deterrent which stands in the way of […]

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Affordable Dental Treatments Abroad

Dental treatment has always been perceived as a costly treatment, especially in western countries. Most dental treatments in the U.S. and Europe, from a simple filling to a dental implant, cost a lot of money.  This is precisely the reason why dental treatment abroad, especially in countries like India and Thailand, has become popular among […]

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