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Dental Tourism in Mexico

Going to Mexico for dental work can be the best solution for people who cannot afford the cost of dental procedures in their home countries. People with chronic dental pain, missing teeth, troublesome dentures, unsightly smiles, bleeding gums, and myriad other problems can consider dental tourism in Mexico.  As per a publication released by the Centers […]

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Straumann Teeth Implants in India

If you want a permanent solution to your teeth loss, getting teeth implants is the only way to go. Unfortunately, only 22% of the older age bracket has private insurance plans that cover dental work. And not everyone can afford dental implants in this economic climate. For a more affordable, financially-viable option, there’s the choice of […]

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Post care Dental Implants

With the popularity of dental implants reaching far and wide, they are largely becoming the treatment of choice for missing teeth. Implants, since being introduced, have enjoyed a high success rate, but failures are not uncommon. The success of an implant requires efforts both from the dentist and the patient.[singlepic id=72 w=320 h=240 float=right]   […]

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