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How a Patient Treatment Plan Is Made – Costa Rica Dentist

A reputed dental implants surgeon from Costa Rica shares how a patient treatment plan is made after a careful study of each case. Such diligence, and high level of professionalism on the part of medical professionals has made Costa Rica  a popular dental tourism destination. Following is the video narration: “There has to a study on the […]

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Benefits of Teeth Implants – Dentist, Costa Rica

A reputed prosthodontist from Costa Rica explains the advantages of dental implants. Affordable and high-quality dental services have made Costa Rica a favored dental tourism destination. Following is the video narration: “We have been around dental implants for many years. Most of you have probably already heard of or know somebody who has an implant or maybe […]

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Zirconia Teeth Implants in Costa Rica

A leading prosthodontist from San Jose, Costa Rica explains the benefits of zirconium implants over traditional implants. With an increase in the volume of dental tourism to Costa Rica, revolutionary changes are being effected in the field, and Costa Rican dentists are keeping up with the changing and demanding times. Following is the video narration: […]

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Holistic Approach to Dentistry in Costa Rica

A leading dental surgeon from Costa Rica speaks about zirconia implants and other dental  procedures for holistic patients. He explains that there has been a surge in dental tourism in Costa Rica owing to the patient-friendly methods used there. Following is the video narration: “There has been a, lately we have been receiving holistic patients, which is something new […]

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