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Straumann Teeth Implants in India

If you want a permanent solution to your teeth loss, getting teeth implants is the only way to go. Unfortunately, only 22% of the older age bracket has private insurance plans that cover dental work. And not everyone can afford dental implants in this economic climate. For a more affordable, financially-viable option, there’s the choice of getting Straumann teeth implants in India. Affordability of procedure aside, the culture-rich country can offer you a rewarding tourist experience. straumann-teeth-implans

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Development, 20.5% of people aged 65 and above lose all their teeth either through decay or gum disease. Dentures are all well and good, but they sometimes get unwieldy. Not to mention, no matter what type of dentures you get, they aren’t naturally a part of your mouth. They could feel foreign when worn, and there is a remote possibility that you might forget to wear them when you go out! To avoid such possibilities, Straumann teeth implants can be the best bet for you.

Getting Straumann Teeth Implants in India

  • Improving your aesthetics isn’t the only reason to get dental implants in India. Unlike dentures in which the false teeth are detachable, dental implants make the artificial teeth a part of your mouth.
  • If you’re only missing a few teeth, getting one to replace the gap in your smile could lead to the strengthening of adjacent teeth.
  • Of course, risks and complications of dental implants exist, but it’s up to you to find the best available option to you.
  • Healthcare tourism in India as a whole, and not just for the dental industry, has swelled due to the fact that the country offers affordable alternatives to the more expensive procedures done in the first-world countries.
  • India has a rapidly growing medical tourism industry, and hence has advanced hospitals and highly-trained doctors.
  • Language barrier won’t be a concern if you decide to get false teeth in India – medical professionals in India can speak English.

Cost of Tooth Implant in India

  • There is no set cost of tooth implant in India – it all depends on what kind of procedure you’re getting.
  • But whether you’re interested in getting Straumann implant in India or any other type of dental implant, know that you’re spending a lot less than what you’d spend in the US and other developed nations.
  • How much less you’d spend is relative to a number of things, but Straumann dental implants cost in India could be as low as 50% less than the first-world prices.
  • The cost of tooth implant in India would also depend on whether you’re getting full mouth restoration or just getting a couple of teeth implanted.nepli-forest-chandigarh-india
  • Other factors that add to the cost of teeth implants include which hospital you choose, and which doctor you want to perform surgery on you.
  • If you’re bringing someone with you, double the extraneous expenses incurred outside the surgery itself.
  • The Straumann procedure has a technology called SLActive surface that makes recovery faster. If the hospital you go to uses SLActive surface, you’d recover a lot more quickly.
  • And if you recover more quickly, you might choose to go on a holiday in India afterwards Factor that in your expenses, too.

What to Do Before and After Straumann Teeth Implants in India?

  • Ask your local Indian embassy what travel documents you need to get into and exit the country.
  • Make sure to read up on India’s local customs and traditions as the country’s culture might be vastly different from your own.
  • Make sure you have a doctor you can consult back home because you can’t go to the same surgeon for post care dental implants consultation.
  • If you’re going on a holiday after getting dental implants in India, then you’re in luck – the country has numerous tourist spots such as the world-famous Taj Mahal.

There’s no need for you to go around toothless in this day and age. By getting affordable Straumann teeth implants in India, you can regain back the smile you had way back. And, of course, gain back the confidence too!


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