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Alternatively called false teeth, dentures are dental prosthetics that are a substitute for missing teeth and the tissue surrounding them. Dentures can either be complete or partial.

Dentures are prosthetic devices fitted in mouth to replace missing teeth. A patient who has lost a few or all of his teeth can seek solace in dentures, which will not only help him improve speech and chewing abilities, but also restore the esthetics, which are of great importance for many patients.

Dentures can be partial (to replace a few teeth) or complete (to replace the entire set of teeth).

Partial dentures may be fixed on the remaining teeth (often called as dental bridges) or may be removable. Complete dentures are mostly removable, but with advancement in implants there have been some successful attempts of fixing an entire set of artificial teeth in an edentulous patient.

Any dental procedure in the US is costly. According to a survey published by the US CDC in 2000, more than 44% of Americans did not have dental insurance during that time – which certainly increases the need for dental tourism. A person can save up to 30 to 50% if he opts for dental implants in India or Mexico. Affordable dental treatments abroad have helped many patients from the US to overcome their dental problems at a price much lesser than the price in their hometown.

The various types of dentures are described below:

Complete Dentures

Standard complete dentures are the most obvious choice for a patient who has lost all of his teeth. They are normally made of pink acrylic with white teeth inserted in it. The patient may require a few visits to the dental office before he can receive the denture as accurate recording of the shape and for of oral tissues is important for making a well-fitted denture.

Removable Partial Dentures

Patients who have only a few teeth missing, and are not willing to go for implants or bridges, can find a reasonable choice in removable partial dentures. The tissue portion of these dentures is also made of pink acrylic, with white acrylic or porcelain teeth.

They are an affordable option, which, if constructed in expert hands, can provide decent esthetics and function.

They might have some metal clasps for improved retention. CuSil dentures are the ones made with deliberate holes to allow stable natural teeth to push through. They work best as upper dentures. The natural teeth present in between, aid in stability of the denture.

Immediate Dentures

Sometimes called temporary dentures, these are made even before the natural teeth are extracted. They are then placed right after the extraction of natural teeth. The advantage with such prosthesis is that the patient does not have to remain without any teeth, even for the period when his tissues are healing. The patient does not have to compromise on esthetics and may return to normal speech and eating, way sooner than with conventional dentures.

However, the fit of dentures is bound to change with the healing of the gums and jaw and the patient normally requires a new set in about six months.

Over Dentures

These are built over the remnants of natural teeth. In most cases today, non-restorable teeth are removed before the placement of a removable prosthesis; but still there are some cases where artificial teeth can be placed over rotting stumps, thus maintaining them to the patient’s advantage.

Implant Retained Dentures

These are the most stable and comfortable dentures. But since several implants are involved the costs of these prosthesis is quite high as compared to the conventional dentures. Patients, who have much trouble wearing normal dentures, may opt for implant supported dentures, which give least interference to speech and mastication, and eventually raise patient confidence.

A patient could also request for free quote online so that he could plan his budget accordingly.


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