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Risks of Same Day or Immediate Load Implants

Dental implants have vastly become the most preferred choice for replacing missing teeth. People who lose their teeth not only face problems in eating and speaking, they tend to suffer significant shrinkage of jaw bone over time, as integrity of the bone is dependent on the teeth embedded in it.


The procedure is however very costly especially in nations like the US and the UK. But nowadays many patients from these first world nations are seeking dental implants in Mexico, India and Thailand as they get world class services in the clinics there at an extremely affordable price.
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With the loss of teeth and depletion of bone, an individual gradually loses his facial dimensions and has to rely on artificial teeth to restore esthetics and function. The advancements in dentistry are more and more being focused on ensuring patient comfort and scientists around the world are devising ways that allow quick restoration of lost teeth.


One way to replace missing teeth immediately is same-day implants. Unlike the traditional ‘two stage placement’ or ‘delayed placement,’ in this method the patient need not wait for weeks before a crown can be placed over the implant.


The treatment is gaining popularity among patients as it allows them to leave the dental office with a new tooth that closely replicates the natural one, without having to wait for months after the implant surgery. Affordable dental treatments abroad encourages people especially from the US to go for dental care procedures without hesitations and worries regarding financial issues. In fact in many cases, one could also save up to 30 to 50% on the procedure.


In a single sitting, the tooth can be extracted, implant inserted in the bone and loaded with a temporary tooth-like crown. A second visit to the dental office is required to replace the initially-placed temporary crown with a permanent one, but at no point, the patient is left without a tooth, so esthetics are always maintained.


Now, the procedure, often referred to as ‘teeth in a day’ or ‘teeth today,’ seems very appealing, but it does come with a set of risks and problems.


One major risk with immediate loading implants is the increased risk of implant failure. In the conventional method, after placing the implant screw inside the bone, the dentist waits for a period of 2-6 months, to allow for the bone to grow around the implant and form a strong bond with it. The process is called as osseointegration. Once the bond between the implant and the bone is confirmed to be strong, the head of the implant is loaded with a tooth crown. Ossointegration, it must be noted, is the most critical step for successful implant placement.

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In immediate loading implants, the bone is not allowed to heal like in the conventional method. Of course, the freshly placed implant is never subjected to immediate pressure in any form, but even the slightest negligence can lead to failure of the entire process.


High risk of implant failure results in the need of higher number of implants, eventually raising the cost of the treatment manifold.


Besides, like any surgery, this too runs a significant risk of infection, more so, because if the tooth is extracted the same day, and the socket is not cleaned properly before placing the implant it may lead to complications.




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