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Risks & Complications of Dental Implants

Dental implants have been established as a safe and successful method of replacing the missing teeth in an individual. But their placement involves a surgery, and any surgical procedure carries some risk of complications.

The surgical procedure is very expensive too and not every body can afford such costly dental care treatment especially in the first world nations. However affordable dental treatments abroad have encouraged many to travel to places like Mexico, India and Thailand for low cost dental implants. Dental Tourism has grown big and the network is expanding at an alarming rate.


Problems may occur during or after the surgery, and may be because of lack of skill on part of the dentist, or because of the patient’s carelessness in implant care.


Some of the common complications seen in implant cases are:

Implant rejection/failure

The Implant screw, made of titanium, may sometimes fail to be accepted by the jaw. Osseointegration is the most critical part of an implant procedure and if the bone refuses to integrate with the screw, the implant cannot be a success.

The implant may also fail to integrate because of improper placement, excessive pressure before complete healing, or any negligence on the patient’s part in maintaining the required oral hygiene.

Dental Implant infection

Infection or inflammation of the oral tissues may occur after implant placement as the surgery exposes the tissues to foreign substances and bacteria, which if not countered, may result in infection and severe pain.

Fracture/perforation of the bone

Implants are basically small screw-like structures, usually made of titanium, which are inserted into the bone after drilling holes in it. In areas where the bone is too thin, it may fracture while placing the implant. The bone may also fracture due to excessive pressure during placement or incorrect direction of the implant.

Dental implant overload

The biting pressure on the implant must be kept near negligible until the implant is fully set inside the bone, and the bone is completely healed. The titanium screw acts like the root of a tooth, and it is not always appropriate to load it with 2-3 crowns, especially in posterior regions of the mouth, where the biting pressure is high.

Bending/braking of implants

Improper placement and too much force may lead to bending or even breakage of implants, which would necessitate their removal.

Medical risks

Implant problems are noted to be higher in heavy smokers and in people with weak immune systems. Also, in case of any systemic disease or blood disorder, the implant procedure may present with severe complications.


Complications in implant cases are usually avoidable, but if they somehow occur, the problems are mostly manageable.  In cases of any unexplained discomfort or excessive pain after receiving the implant, the patient must contact his dentist at the earliest.


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