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Regular Dentures vs. Implant Secured Prosthetic Solutions

For someone who has lost all or most of his teeth, a denture is the only way to restore function and esthetics of his mouth.

A complete denture is a set of artificial teeth, which is made to fit the upper and lower jaw bones of a patient. They are usually made in acrylic.

Any dental procedure be it dentures or Zimmer teeth implants in Thailand, India, Mexico or Costa Rica is cheaper than the ones in the US or any other first world nation. According to the US CDC in 2000, more than 44% of Americans did not have dental insurance during that time – which certainly increases the need for dental tourismprosthetic-implants

Ideally, a denture should be close-fitting, and comfortable to wear for the patient. But there is not much support and many-a-times the denture, simply resting on the gums, tends to be unstable and thus, problematic.

Loose dentures interfere with speech of patients, and do not allow for proper chewing of food, leading to constant discomfort and poor confidence of patient.

Fortunately, the advancements in dentistry have found a better solution for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth: Implant secured prosthetic solutions.

Like regular dentures, implant secured prosthesis are also made to replace the missing teeth of a person, but these are far more stable and way ahead in restoring proper function.

Implant secured prosthetic solutions are basically dentures that are held in place with the help of implants placed in the underlying bone.  Though expensive as compared to conventional dentures, they have many significant benefits over them, justifying their high cost.

The major differences between regular dentures and implant secured prosthetic solutions are listed below:

Patient confidence

Implant-secured dentures are stable, and do not tend to move with every movement of the tongue, so patient confidence is obviously better with them as compared to the conventional dentures, which tend to be movable.

Improved Chewing/Eating

Even a well-fitted denture cannot help you eat like your natural teeth. Since implant-secured prosthesis are more stable, they are more efficient in chewing. An ill-fitted, uncomfortable denture may restrict the patient to soft foods, while such problems are usually not encountered with implant supported dentures.


The acrylic on implant supported dentures is thinner, and they are designed to cover lesser area of the tissues, leading to better perception of taste.

Patient comfort

The secure placement makes implant supported dentures comfortable for the patient. Besides, the thinner acrylic and less coverage of gum tissue adds to the patient comfort, giving the patient a more natural feel of his oral structures.

No denture adhesive is required to keep them is place.

Bone loss

Our natural teeth play a major role in maintaining the integrity of the jaw bone, which tends to shrink downwards after their loss. With conventional dentures, the bone loss is further increased. But no such problem is encountered in implant secured prosthetic solutions as implants are placed within the bone, acting like the roots of our natural teeth, and helping keep the bone height stable.


Since the denture base can be kept thinner in implant supported prosthesis, these have a better appearance than conventional dentures. Also, as the implants maintain the integrity of the alveolar bone, there is lesser shrinkage and facial collapse, which is normally seen in long-term denture-wearers.


Uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures may produce clicking sounds if they move too much. Also, the speech of the patient becomes slurred with loose dentures. None of these problems are seen in implant secured dentures, which stay in their place and do not interfere with the normal functioning.


Implant-secured dentures are obviously more expensive due to the added cost of the implants. They can be used in both upper and lower jaws, but upper dentures are usually stable and many people opt for implants only in the lower jaw (where the denture tends to move more), to bring down the cost of the treatment.

Implant-supported dentures also help save money in the long run: Due to lesser bone loss, the same denture can be used for a long time, unlike conventional dentures, which keep getting looser with the shrinkage of the bone, and may require relining, rebasing or reconstruction of the entire set.

Considering the patient’s comfort and many other benefits it has over conventional dentures, the implant-secured prosthetic solutions are a fine option.

Patients especially from the US could consider the option of affordable dental work abroad and get their smiles back without spending too much on the procedures.

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