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Natural Teeth vs. Dental Implants

Nothing can be as good as the natural dentition, and one must strive to keep it healthy. However, once the natural teeth are lost, there is no option but to look for the best replacement for them. And the replacement that comes closest to natural teeth in form and function is a dental implant. natural-teeth

Dental implants provide you with replacements that are not only natural looking, but also the most comfortable in function. Dental implants procedure is very expensive in first world nations like the US and the UK. Many patients delay the procedure because of the cost factor and this delayed decision could worsen the situation in some cases.

According to a survey published by the US CDC in 2000, more than 44% of Americans did not have dental insurance during that time – which certainly increases the need for dental tourism. Many patients especially from the US and Canada frequent Thailand, India and Mexico for dental implants procedure.

Implant or RCT?

Of course, if your natural teeth are present, and in good health, there is no question of thinking about any replacements. But dentists have long been in conflict over the treatment options for a decayed tooth.

While a minor decay obviously calls for direct restoration of the tooth, it is the badly decayed teeth that have got the doctors wondering whether they should be saved with root canal treatment or be extracted and replaced with an implant.

Various studies have been conducted to analyze the success rate of both the procedures. The success rate in the two procedures has mostly been found to be similar, but most dentists still opt for RCT over implants due to various other reasons.

Though a dental implant is just as natural-looking and feeling as a natural tooth, it is not a natural tooth.

Should the natural tooth be saved?

Placing of an implant requires a surgical process, which is expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, a root canal treatment would cost mush less and preserve your natural tooth. Most dentists would agree that as a general rule, it is better to save the tooth, if possible.

One major difference between implants and natural teeth is that the former require greater intervention after the treatment as compared to any form of restoration in the natural tooth. Greater patient care, and more visits to the dentist may be required after the placement of an

However, none of the above is of much significance when it comes to deciding the treatment plan for a particular patient. Endodontic therapy and implant therapy have clear indications, and considering the best interest of the patient, there should hardly be any confusion or controversy regarding the choice of treatment.

Restorability is the main consideration. If a dentist determines that the tooth can be successfully restored with endodontic therapy, there is no need for an implant. However, an endodontically treated tooth with a poor restoration could be a failure and might have to be eventually extracted, and then replaced with an implant. In such a case, the treatment cost will double, and so will the inconvenience for the patient.

Teeth with poor prognosis are the best suited for replacement with dental implants. Thai or Indian teeth implants are pocket friendly and if a person is thinking of going for the procedure could get less apprehensive and not delay the process. The faster you regain your smile, the happier life appears to be.

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