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Mini Dental Implants in Thailand

Mini dental implants are smaller versions of regular dental implants and make it possible for procedures to be completed more quickly, with a shorter recovery time, and at a much lower cost. One can consider getting mini dental implants in Thailand as the cost of dental care in Thailand is quite lower than what one would shed on dental care in other parts of the world.


One also has the added advantage of getting high quality care and teeth devices such dental implants in Bangkok as dental clinics in Bangkok have state of the art equipment and staff some of the most competent healthcare professionals in the dental industry.

A survey published by the US CDC in 2000 indicates that more than 44% of Americans were without dental insurance at the time – which makes the need for dental tourism even greater. It is no surprise that a number of them are heading to Thailand for all sorts of treatments.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

  • Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants, which means that the former have more utility than the latter when there is limited space to drill the implant into the jaw
  • Only one visit to a dental clinic will be required to get the mini dental implants. Usually, a dental implant procedure requires two visits.
  • Mini dental implant costs in Thailand and around the world are lower than the costs of regular dental implants, since the device is smaller and the procedure is less elaborate.
  • Healing times are relatively fast compared to the recovery time following a traditional implant procedure. This is because smaller incisions are needed due to the smaller size of the implant device.
  • With the mini dental implants, pain medication may be required during recovery. Soft foods will also need to be consumed for a few days after getting them applied.

Why Are Mini Dental Implants Required?

Dental implants are used most often to replace missing teeth. Mini dental implants may be required in the following circumstances:

  • Individuals having gaps in areas of their mouths on failure of growth of adult teeth.
  • Individuals with broken teeth or teeth damaged beyond repair. This is most common in people who engage in athletic activities.
  • Mini dental implants for dentures may also be used for fixing problems related to adjusting lower dentures.

Benefits of Getting Mini Implants in Thailand

  •  Individuals exploring the option of getting mini implants in Bangkok or any other city of Thailand definitely want to know the costs of mini dental implants.  The fact that one can get inexpensive dental implants in Bangkok, Phuket and other parts of the country can be a breather for them. thailand_0
  • Costs of travel combined with the dental implant treatment costs are still lower than the costs of treatment in the United States. In fact, the affordability of dental implants in Thai clinics makes it possible for those without insurance to get the dental work they need.
  • Dental clinics in Thailand are well equipped with modern technology and cutting edge infrastructural facilities. The healthcare system of the country is such that one can get high quality healthcare without burning a hole in pocket. No wonder, dental vacationers are coming in droves to Bangkok and other dental tourism destinations of the country.
  • The country boasts of a huge pool of dentists who are board certified and have undergone training in the best of the medical schools around the world. Thai dentists are famous for their high skill levels and many Westerners are open to the idea of undergoing dental procedures under the Thai hands.
  • Post dental procedure, the recovery will take place in gorgeous destinations of the country replete with its tropical climate and sunny beaches. The country is a travelers’ paradise and undertaking a dental vacation in Thailand gives dental tourists the opportunity to experience the exuberance of this vibrant country.
  • A number of dental centers in the dental tourism hubs of the country keeping in mind the comfort of their patients, also have in-house spas and massage rooms.

Getting mini dental implants in Thailand is very pocket friendly and dental tourists will return home relaxed and rejuvenated, thanks to an extended holiday in this beautiful South Asian.

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