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Fixed Dentures Vs Removable Dentures

Dentures are one of the most widely used ways of replacing missing teeth. Once a tooth is extracted, or lost due to any reason, it needs to be quickly replaced for the purpose of chewing, speech and aesthetics.

Dentures are a convenient option for most patients to replace their missing teeth. Broadly, they can be categorized as: Fixed and Removable.

The procedure could be very expensive in nations like the US or the UK and an average citizen might not be able to pay huge amounts for the treatment. The solution to this problem could be a dental vacation. Dental Tourism in Mexico, India, Costa Rica or Thailand attracts thousands of patients every year. This is because of the cheaper and high quality dental care treatments like dentures and dental implants.

Patient comfort

Non-removable or fixed prosthesis feel more like real teeth, and cause little inconvenience to the patient. Crown and bridgework are specially recommended in cases where only one or a few teeth are missing.

Fixed dentures are cemented over the teeth adjacent to the edentulous region, and are stable in one place.

Removable partial dentures, on the other hand, are relatively less stable and might give the patient some trouble in initial days. They are removed and placed in the mouth by the patient himself.

These can easily restore larger edentulous regions with teeth, as compared to fixed partial dentures. For replacement of all teeth, removable complete dentures are commonly used. However, removable dentures tend to rock in the mouth, and may interfere with speech and chewing. Patient comfort and confidence is compromised to a certain extent, as compared to the results of a fixed denture.


Fixed dental bridges are the porcelain replacement of the teeth, which, if made by expert hands, can closely mimic natural teeth.

Removable dentures consist of an acrylic plate (usually pink in color) which sits on the gingival tissue (gums) and white acrylic teeth embedded into the plate. Esthetics are mostly inferior to those of porcelain teeth.

Denture care and oral hygiene

Fixed dentures are harder to clean than removable dentures. Since they cannot be removed, they may cause inflammation and other oral problems, if the patient is unable to maintain the required oral hygiene.

Removable dentures are easier to maintain as they can be taken off by the patient, cleaned, and put back in place. But, removable prosthesis are delicate devices and some patients may warp or break the denture, if they are not careful enough while keeping them outside the mouth. removable-denture

Cost and construction

Fixed dentures can be way more expensive than removable partial dentures, mostly because of the difference in material costs. Fixed bridges require reduction of at least two sound teeth, which are adjacent to the edentulous region, and may require 2-3 visits to the dental office.

Removable dentures are easier to fabricate and may be delivered sooner. They take some support from the soft tissue and some from natural teeth, without having to compromise much on any tooth of the natural dentition.

Which is the better option for you?

The choice of your treatment entirely depends upon the condition of your mouth, oral hygiene habits, the health of remaining teeth (bridges cannot be fixed over teeth that are not firmly rooted), and the cost concerns. One could request for free online quote to plan better.


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