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Dental Tourism in Phuket

Andre: What could be worse than visiting the dentist?

Alisa:  Paying his bill.

Many of you, I’m sure, can relate to the above conversation and have been avoiding the dental treatments you need. But have you not heard of dental tourism in Phuket, Thailand?

A dental trip to Phuket can help you save not only a lot of money, but also your precious smile. Traveling to a different country for dental treatment may trigger some concerns but if you research well, you can definitely find a clinic that can meet your dental requirements.

Below are the some of the reasons why dental tourism in Thailand is booming:

Low-cost of dental work

Australians, Americans, Europeans, and even many Asians travel to this South-Asian country in pursuit of dental treatment they cannot afford in their own. Dental work is expensive, but in Thailand, you will find it 50-70 percent cheaper, and that, of course, is the biggest draw.

A tropical holiday

Who wouldn’t like that? Unless it threatens to dent your budget for an entire year, a beach holiday is generally tempting.  The low-cost of living in Thailand allows the holiday packages, hotels, resorts, food, and everything else to easily fit in small budgets.

English-speaking surgeons

Although English is not commonly spoken in Thailand, the dental surgeons and their staff that regularly attend to foreigners are well-versed with the language.

Easy appointments

If the overburdened healthcare system in your country has had you waiting for a long time to get a dentist’s appointment, you’d be relieved to know that dentists in Thailand will not make you wait. Just book an appointment, and get ready to be treated.

Impressive facilities

Thailand is known to be a tourist-friendly country that attracts people from all parts of the world. And most dental tourists who come here report to have returned impressed with the facilities that are at par with the best in the world, and the people, who are perhaps warmer and more congenial.

It is about time you stop ignoring your dental problems or finding excuses for avoiding those trips to the dentist. Take advantage of dental tourism in Phuket and see how you’d be beaming with confidence, on your return from Asia.

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