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Dental Plates in Costa Rica

Denta PlatesAt last there is good news for those who have suffered the embarrassment of broken or missing teeth—dental plates in Costa Rica are an affordable and high-quality dental option for an imperfect teeth-line.

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is booming, thanks in no small part to the low price of dental treatment on offer in this South American locale.

Indeed, the Council for International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (PROMED) revealed that some 36,000 people traveled to Costa Rica in 2010 for dental treatment. The huge emotional and physical importance of a complete set of teeth has made prosthodontic dentistry in Costa Rica a very popular dental option.

Why Opt for Cosmetic Dental Surgery in Costa Rica?

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that some 45 million US citizens under the age of 65 had no dental insurance in 2008. This can be a limiting factor if you are looking for an affordable solution for missing teeth.
  • Dental treatment in many affluent nations is usually incredibly expensive, particularly when compared to the cost of dental treatment in countries such as Costa Rica and India, where the cost of living is low. Thus, the price of dentures in Costa Rica is generally significantly less than what you would expect to find in countries such as the USA, the UK and Canada. Indeed, the low cost of dental implants in Costa Rica could make you savings of approximately 50% in comparison with many First World countries.
  • We work with a number of reputed dental clinics in Costa Rica that offer a multiple treatment options like dentures, dental implants, dental veneers and dental bridges.
  • Long waiting lists tend to be a problem in many First World countries, where     over-burdened public healthcare facilities struggle with high patient numbers. A huge benefit of having your teeth surgery in Costa Rica is that treatment can often be booked according to your availability and schedule.
  • Carry out adequate research in order to find a good dentist in Costa Rica. Checking out patient testimonials and reviews, among other things, will ensure that you fully understand your procedure before you leave home.
  • When deciding on the type of treatment you require, think carefully about the options available. For example, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account when deciding on fixed dentures versus removable dentures. Your dental surgeon should provide help with making this important decision.
  • When you travel to Costa Rica for dental implants, don’t forget to include the price of flights and accommodation into your budget. Booking early or using internet price comparison websites can often ensure that you get the cheapest deal available and increase your overall savings as far as possible.
  • A Tourist Attraction in Costa RicaTravel times to the Costa Rican capital, San Jose, are relatively short and can take approximately 6 hours from Los Angeles, CA or 5 hours from Toronto, Canada. San Jose is served by the Juan Santamaría International Airport, which features regular international flights.
  • The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, although dental facilities dealing with medical tourists are usually able to deal with English-speaking patients with relative ease. If you’re thinking about having dental veneers in Costa Rica, communication shouldn’t be an issue.
  • If the thought of undergoing dental treatment fills you with dread, there are a number of ways of overcoming dental anxiety and obtaining the teeth of your dreams. Effective pain relief, calming dental environments and advanced treatment options can all ensure that your procedure is stress-free.

Choosing Your Dentist in Costa Rica— Things to Consider

Costa Rica is a stunning and beautiful location and, therefore, many people traveling there for dental treatment also add some vacation time. So, whether you’re keen to visit some amazing scenery, stunning areas of natural beauty or participate in local cultural events, Costa Rica really does have something for everyone.

We all know that a great smile can make a huge difference to a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. However, if you’re struggling to afford the price of treatment in your own country, then looking abroad might be the most cost-effective alternative. Choosing to have your dental plates in Costa Rica could be financially beneficial without lowering your healthcare expectations.

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