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Dental Implants and Smoking

Dental Implants have brought about a revolution in the way missing teeth of people are replaced. They are a convenient, comfortable substitute for dentures, and despite the significant difference in cost, they are largely preferred over dentures. Sometimes, however, the high costs of dental treatments, especially in the western countries, cause people to look for affordable dental implants in India, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica,

Although they have a high success rates, dental implants are not always suited for all patients; heavy smokers are often considered unbefitting for implants.

Smoking contraindicated for Implants

Smoking is one major contra-indication for implants.  Various studies have revealed that smoking raises the probability of rejection of the implant by the body, thus hurting the success rate of the treatment,  as scientists have found that smoking is a risk factor that bars the ability of a dental implant to succeed.

Although carried out widely, the implant procedure is a sophisticated one, and requires good skill of the dentist and plenty of aftercare by the patient.

What is an Implant?

An implant is basically a titanium screw, which is placed inside the jaw bone to act like the tooth-root. No immediate load is placed over the implant to allow sometime for osseo-integration (the connection between the implant and its surrounding bone).

Once the dentist confirms the implant is perfectly secure inside the bone, a tooth shaped crown is placed over it, and the patient can leave the dental office with full confidence of a natural-like tooth.

Effect of Smoking on Dental Implants

However, in smokers, the osseo-integration (which is the most crucial for the success of an implant) may be compromised, leading to the failure of the entire process.

Smoking is known to negatively affect the implant procedure because it cuts down the blood flow to the oral tissue like the gums, teeth and bone, which in turn results in slower healing of the implant site. If the healing is so impaired that the implant fails to properly integrate with the bone, the whole process will be flopped.

So, it is imperative for a dentist to guide every patient about the chances of success of implant in his case. Heavy smokers must be informed about the implant-failure associated with smoking, before starting out with the procedure. effects-of-smoking-on-dental-implant

It is important to note that not all smokers face failure of implants; the results vary from person to person. However, the risk of failure definitely rises with smoking. But smokers can cover that risk by quitting the habit way in advance of getting the treatment.

Smoke-quitters can enjoy the same success of dental implants as non-smokers but they must give up on tobacco a few months before starting the treatment and maintain that for several weeks after the completion of the treatment.

Dental implants are an expensive option, which makes it important for the dentists to explain the chances of success and failure to each patient, before beginning with the surgery. Also, if you don’t think a dental implant treatment in your home town will fit your budget, you may want to consider dental clinics in Costa Rica, Mexico, India, or Thailand, to restore your smile without burning a hole in pocket.

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