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Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Patient Testimonial

Nellie from Houston, Texas, got two dental implants in a dental centre in Costa Rica. She is all praise about her case manager, who, she says, was proficient in English and helped her through her treatment. nellie

Nellie is also very happy with the hospital staff members, who offered to pick-and-drop her to the airport, and did their best to accommodate all her needs.

The greatest advantage of getting dental implants in Costa Rica, according to her, was the low-cost. She is happy with the significant savings she made. Getting the same treatment in United States would have multiplied her treatment costs manifold, even with insurance.

Nellie also talks about the apprehension that most people usually have, about going to a foreign land for any medical treatment. However, she says she felt fine after discussing with some people, who had previously sought medical treatments abroad.

Above all, Nellie says her doctor has been extremely helpful. Since the placement of a dental implant is a sophisticated procedure, her doctor has been able to assure he will take care of everything.

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