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Dental Implants Chandigarh – India

Are you looking for quality treatment for your missing teeth at affordable costs? If yes, then you may consider getting dental implants in Chandigarh, India. Teeth implants in India are available at a fraction of the costs charged for them in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and other West European countries. Thanks to the low living costs in the Southwest Asian country, affordable dental implants dental-implants-chandigarh in Chandigarh and other major Indian cities is very much a reality!

You will find good dental clinics in Chandigarh offering a wide range of services like cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, and oral surgery.

According to the 2008 Deloitte report “Medical Tourism – Consumers in Search of Value”, cost of medical care in India can be almost 10% of the prices charged in the United States. Because of the twin benefits of affordability and quality, dental tourism in India is on the rise.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are devices that reinstate the roots of lost teeth and are used to give support to bridges, crowns, or dentures.

  • A dental implant based treatment is a long term solution for missing teeth and allows one to eat and smile with total confidence.
  • Implants are surgically placed in your jawbone.
  • A small hole is drilled in the edentulous region.
  • The implant screw is placed carefully.
  • The site heals as osseo-integration occurs.
  • Next follow the attachment of abutment and the placement of the dental crown.


Advantages of Dental implants rock-garden-chandigarh-india

  • You get enhanced appearance and better quality of life.
  • Dental implants promote better oral health.
  • Replacements feel and look like your natural teeth.
  • These are more convenient than ungainly dentures.
  • You will be able to chew better.


Why Go for Dental Implant Surgery in Chandigarh, India?

One of the major benefits is the low cost of dental implants in Chandigarh, India. Here are a few other advantages of getting teeth implants in Chandigarh:

  • Chandigarh is home to many state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics.
  • The leading dental clinics in Chandigarh, India have world class facilities and employ the latest dental technology.
  • Chandigarh’s propinquity to Delhi is an added advantage (only 155 miles from the national capital). Besides the low dental implants cost in Chandigarh, your in-country transportation costs will also be low.
  • There are highly qualified and trained dental experts practicing in Chandigarh.
  • International patients can get convenient appointments for getting dental implants in India even at a short notice! No need to go through those frustrating long waits in your home country.
  • You can also opt for single-trip highly affordable all on 4 implants in the city.
  • Barriers to communication are minimal as the good hospitals and dental clinics in Chandigarh have English speaking staff.
  • Chandigarh is the first planned city of India. Its expansive verdant cover, wide roads, and pollution-free environment have earned it the sobriquet of “the City Beautiful”.
  • Chandigarh is nestled in the foothills of the outer Himalayan range of the Shivaliks. Post dental surgery, you can partake in a relaxing holiday in the quaint hill stations of Himachal Pradesh.

Before Going for Dental Implants in Chandigarh

Prior to finalizing your travel plans to Chandigarh for affordable dental treatment, you need to:

  • Have a detailed consultation on phone or through emails with the dentists and hospitals.
  • Get information on their success rates and if possible get feedback from other patients.
  • Discuss the risks and complications of dental implants.
  • Ask the exact costs and benefits.
  • Find out about any medical documents you may have to carry.

By getting your dental implants in Chandigarh, India you will go back a happy and a satisfied patient with a smile on your face!

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