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Dental Implant Dentures in Thailand

Dental implant dentures in Thailand are way cheaper than they are in the developed nations. Dental tourism has gained enormous popularity, especially among senior citizens because there are plenty of retired people who lack proper finances to foot expensive dental bills. dental-implant-dentures

Countries such as Thailand, Costa Rica, Jordan, and India come to the fore when it boils down to high quality medical care at an affordable price. Dental implants dentures in Thailand are fitted by dentists who have years of practical experience in general dentistry.

These dentists are board certified and often travel abroad to complete advanced education. Quality of dental care is never compromised even if the cost of the procedure is low.

Pros of Using Dental Implant Dentures

Dental implant dentures are more stable than conventional dentures and do not shift in the mouth while eating or speaking. Moreover, implant secured dentures make use of an acrylic material which is thinner than the one used in the regular type of dentures and this improves perception of taste for patients.

Other Names for Dental Implant Dentures: Implant Secured Prosthetics, Implant secured dentures.

Why Travel to Thailand for Denture Implants?

  • The hospitals and clinics in in the country offer world class services and facilities that meet international standards.
  • There are plenty of JCI affiliated hospitals in Thailand that employ highly experienced orthodontists and anesthesiologists.
  • Most dentists are well aware of pain relief methods and use laughing gas and sedatives to keep patients comfortable during sittings.
  • Dental Implants dentures in Thailand are cheaper than the ones available in the western countries.
  • There are plenty of hospitals and clinics that offer dental payment plans to help patients cover the cost of dental implants for dentures in Thailand.
  • Some dental clinics in Bangkok and other parts of the country also diagnose the patient’s dental problem before the patient arrives in the country. Patients are only required to visit a partner hospital in their home country and take an X-ray of the oral cavity for proper diagnosis.
  • Most clinics use 3D imaging techniques to diagnose the severity of the tooth problem for better precision.
  • The clinics in the country we work with also follow strict hygiene and infection control procedures.
  • All on 4 implants in Bangkok, Phuket, and other Thai dental tourism destinations  are offered at a reasonable price. These implants can be fixed in a week’s time and don’t require bone grafting.
  • Zygoma implants are another type of dental implant available in Thailand for those suffering from high bone resorption.
  • Some of the Thai clinics are also known to offer airport pick up services for the convenience of foreign travelers.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Statistics given by the Deloitte LLP reveal that around 750,000 Americans travelled overseas for medical purposes in 2007 alone and this number was expected to reach 6 million by the year 2010. Most of these medical tourists were not protected by medical insurance policies in their native lands.

Given the rise in medical tourism in Thailand, Mexico, India, and Jordan, hospitals in these countries offer state of the art medical equipment and amenities. With the advancement of science and technology, patients can now opt for metal-free dental implants, ceramic crowns, and prosthetics that do not look unsightly. These ceramics may not contain metal but are durable and offer natural aesthetics. mcdonalds-thailand

Affordable Dentistry

According to figures provided by the American Medical Association, patients saved nearly 50 percent on medical treatments when they travelled overseas for healthcare. Since travelling to Thailand for dental treatments can result in significant savings, patients are coming in increasing numbers to avail of affordable dental implants for dentures, root canal sittings, and dental crowns and bridges.

The country’s private hospitals offer high utility to their patients. Patients should not be surprised if they happen to spot a leading coffee chain outlet in the hospital lobby and in some cases, come across restaurants serving authentic meals otherwise served back home. Patients travelling for dental implant for dentures in Thailand will be able to save plenty of money and seize the opportunity to discover the exotic country.

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