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Dental Holiday in Thailand

With the rising dental care costs in the developed parts of the world, an increasing number of people are traveling to other countries in pursuit of low-cost dental treatment.


A dental holiday in Thailand could be ideal for those looking to combine their dental treatment with a rejuvenating vacation in this Southeast Asian country.

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Medical and dental tourism in Thailand is seeing an upward trend with a number of European, Australian, New Zealand, and American citizens thronging the country for dental, cosmetic, orthopedic and other surgeries that they cannot afford in their own countries.

  • As per a Deloitte report, nearly 1.2 million people came to Thailand for medical treatment in the year 2006, making it the number one medical tourism destination in the world.
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) targets an ambitious 10 million medical visitors by 2015.

The country offers several options–you may get dental implants in Patong, a quaint little beach town in Phuket, or choose to travel to the city of Bangkok for full-mouth restoration. Dental tourism in Thailand is gaining popularity and is seeing a surge in the number of medical tourists looking for low cost treatments, some of which are:

  • Dental implants
  • Tooth whitening
  • Full mouth restoration
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Complete and partial dentures


Reasons to Go to Thailand for a Dental Holiday

There are a number of benefits synonymous with traveling to the Land of Smiles for a dental job.  The key advantages are as follows:


  • Dentists and their staff are highly competent. Patients are treated by certified dentists having affiliation with various medical councils and bodies.
  • Many Thai doctors can speak in English. However, if there is a communication gap, language interpreters can be arranged to ensure that the patient-doctor communication is smooth.
  • Our network clinics are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and strictly adhere to stringent safety, sterilization, and quality standards.


Another reason for giving thumbs up to dental holiday in Thailand is low cost dental treatments provided by the dental clinics in Bangkok, Patong, and Phuket.

  • Affordable dental treatment in no way means compromising with the quality of services given to patients.
  • Dental vacation in Thailand is a boon for a number of people lacking insurance cover.

Prompt Access to Dental Care

Long waiting period for getting an appointment with a dentist is a turn off for many. Dental clinics in the Southeast Asian country are much quicker in action, and patients can expect immediate treatment.


Another factor that fuels dental tourism in Thailand is the opportunity to combine health care with sightseeing.

  • An add-on on to the attractive dental tourism package prices for Thailand is the country’s scenic splendor, replete with verdant tropical islands, sun kissed beaches, and a number of World Heritage sites.
  • A Thai dental vacation gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate. The country is known for its vibrant, rich culture and traditions. A number of beautiful monasteries are the hall mark of its architectural excellence.
  • A Mecca for shopping, medical tourists can get some really cool bargains in big shopping arcades, weekend markets, and souvenir shops that the country is quintessentially known for.
  •  Fatigued travelers can also opt for a very relaxing Thai massage.
  • There are a number of restaurants for savoring scrumptious spicy Thai cuisine.
  • Good air-connectivity with the major cities of the world enhances the entire experience.

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Our network clinics located in Bangkok and the Patong Beach Area of Phuket have been a magnet for dental tourism from East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, France and other parts of Europe. As the clinics keep on adding to the smiles of these dental vacationers, many of them have been kind enough to write reviews and feedback on their dental experience in the country.

  • Have a look at one Hawaiian, Joanne Volte, review dental veneers in Phuket. She is much appreciative of the extra care given to her and  will recommend the clinic to everyone.
  • In a dental implant Thailand testimonial, one Canadian, Jack Roberts, is very “happy to smile again” and “will  be coming back here for sure”.

Check out our website’s Stories section for more such Thai dental holiday reviews.

Travel Tips for Dental Tourists

  • Travelers should keep in mind the climate while planning a trip. The country is primarily tropical, marked with high temperature and humidity. April and May are the quintessential summer months. The months from June to October are dominated by monsoons.
  • The best time to visit is from November to February when it is remarkably cooler and less humid.
  • There are a number of ATMs here which charge a surcharge on use of foreign ATM cards. One should also beware of counterfeit currency.
  • Visitors need to carry their passports all the time on them.
  • Different modes of travelling are buses, planes, trains, and taxis. Tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled vehicle, is also a popular mode of transportation.
  • Avoid drinking tap water and go for bottled water.
  • It is very important to do thorough research about various dental clinics in the country. Patients should not be lured by dental clinics offering the cheapest dental treatments.
  • You may seek free quotes for dental crowns, bridges, or dental implants in Thailand beforehand, and also look into the hotel prices during the time you plan your trip, so as to get a fair idea of the budget for your Thai dental trip.

A dental holiday in Thailand is a brilliant way to get your smile enhances for a low price and, at the same time, enjoy a great vacation in Asia.


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