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Cost of Dental Care in Thailand

Dental care in Thailand costs just a fraction of what it does in the first world countries. Procedures ranging from root canals to implants to full mouth restorations are available in the country at an affordable price.[singlepic id=103 w=320 h=240 float=right]


The Southeast Asian country is especially popular for dental treatment among the elderly requiring replacement of one or more teeth. Fixed dentures and implant dentures in Thailand cost very little and result in savings of up to 60-70%, sufficient to allow tourists to enjoy a vacation in this beautiful country.


Such affordable dental treatments abroad have helped many patients fulfil their dental care needs in a favorable  and pocket friendly manner.


Dental clinics of the country place a high emphasis on patient confidentiality and make sure that they are upfront about the value the procedure, so that the tourists do not have to incur any extra cost.

Where to go in Thailand for Dental Job?

There are a number of cities in the country which cater to tourists from across the world and help provide them with reasonably priced, high class dental care. The clinics have the best dentists with specializations in various fields like prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, etc. and provide international standards of treatment. Dental implants, scalings, fillings, teeth whitening and dental bridges in Thailand are all popular among dental tourists.

  • Bangkok – The cosmopolitan capital city  has over 53 hospitals, many of which are JCI accredited. Dental clinics are equipped with state of the art equipment and board certified dentists. Cosmetic dentistry in Bangkok is affordable and popular among the offshore patients due to its high quality.
  • Phuket – A holiday getaway, this city also provides a high standard of medical and dental care. One can enjoy its luxury hotels, world class dental procedures and then recuperate by the white sandy beaches it has to offer.
  • Pattaya – There are a number of large multi specialty hospitals in the city which cater to foreign tourists.

Before and after fixed denture placement in Thailand, one can experience the culture of this beautiful vibrant country and go back home completely rejuvenated by the entire experience.

Why Thailand? Low Cost Dental Work and More

  • One major factor why tourists in need of dental treatment are flocking to the Asian dental tourism giant is the reduced cost. Subsidized medical care coupled with the low standard of living has contributed to making the country reasonably priced where medical care is concerned.
  • The cost of dental implant dentures and other treatments across Thai clinics is a pittance when compared to that in the first world countries.
  • Apart from this, many tourists are drawn to the country by the high standard of care provided. Hospitals and dental clinics have the latest infrastructure and are home to highly qualified surgeons and physicians.
  • Patients fed up of the discomfort they have to face due to the long waiting periods in their native countries find Bangkok, Phuket and other dental tourism destinations in the country with their zero wait lists a refreshing change.
  • Reputed dental clinics we are associated with follow strict hygiene and sterilization regimes.
  • Communication is made easy as many health professionals converse in English and translators are provided for other languages by the hospitals.
  • DentaVacation can help you get in touch with dentists who offer competitive price for fixed dentures in Bangkok and Patong (Phuket), and answer any queries you might have.

Things You Need to Know

  • People from countries like US, UK, Canada, etc. are provided visa waivers for up to 30 days on their arrival in the country by air as long as they can show details of the return journey.
  • Public transport is easily accessible to the tourists.
  • Tourists must take care of their belongings while traveling to crowded or extremely isolated areas.
  • Always drink bottled water and make sure that the food is from a hygienic source.

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Your Thai Dental Holiday

The low dental treatment cost in Thailand is not the only attraction for tourists coming to the country from across the globe. When in the Land of Smiles for dental care, tourists usually explore the intriguing Asian country. Things to do include:

  • From the fancy malls to the flea markets, shopping here is a unique experience, not to be missed. The shops at Siam Square and Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok are especially popular among tourists.
  • The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a magnificent symbol of the Thai culture, tradition and the perfect introduction to this wonderful country.
  • Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Ratchapradit & Wat Mahathat, the three major temples in Bangkok are a must visit for their beautiful architecture and mural paintings.
  • The Thalang National Museum, Phuket, serves as a repository of archeological data and gives a taste of Thai history and heritage.
  • Hat Patong & Laem Phromthrep beaches in Phuket are two of the most breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant destinations, perfect for swimming, lazing around as well as challenging water sports.


The reduced cost of implants, fixed dentures and other dental treatments in Thailand and the chance to holiday in one of the most sought after tropical destinations, have made the country the focus of dental tourists from across the world.


DentaVacation facilitates affordable dental treatments at various destinations across the world. For more information, submit the estimate-request form on the right.