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Bangkok Dental Implants Surgeon Interview


This video interview of a leading dental implants surgeon from Thailand talks about his education, experience and countries he is getting patients from.

Following is the video narration.

“Actually I am graduated from United States. I went to the dental school in …California and also in University of Pittsburgh. I have been in the states for seven to eight years ….my colleagues. Our specialists have training overseas in United States, United Kingdom and also in the Implant….training overseas as well. So we have been doing treatment and for me, myself I have been training implants from 1996, so it’s 16-17 years ago and for clinic we have been doing these for like 10 years now. So we do have lot of cases, experience regarding dental treatment of implants.

We do have great number of patients from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and ….coming here every month regarding dental treatment especially dental implants.

First they came here for dental implants treatment because we provide all range of dental implants and also some ……like cosmetic dentistry.”

Thailand is becoming the favourable dental treatment destination of many across the world. It is majorly because of the latest technology at dental clinics and affordable cost of dental care in Thailand that people fly to this country for treatments like teeth implants, cosmetic dentistry etc.

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