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Affordable Solution for Dental Pain

Dental pain, more commonly referred to as ‘toothache’ is a condition where a person experiences pain in the teeth or the area dental-pain surrounding it because of a dental problem. Dental pain may range from being mildly discomforting to being excruciatingly painful. Even though it can be temporarily controlled by the intake of dental pain medication, it is essential that the patient visits a dentist immediately to get a diagnosis of the problem, through oral examination and X-rays, and seek a treatment for it at the earliest.
Due to skyrocketing costs of dental treatment in some countries, many people are heading towards countries like India, Mexico, Korea, Costa Rica or Thailand to avail dental treatments at affordable cost.
Straumann Teeth Implants in India or dental implants in Mexico are cheaper and such procedures support many patients especially from the US to fulfil their dental care needs which otherwise is delayed by them or avoided, fearing the expensive costs attached to these procedures.

Dental Pain causes

There are a number of dental conditions that can result in dental pain. Some of the common causes are:

• Dental cavities- Dental cavities or caries are one of the most common causes of a dental pain. Caries are holes that are caused in the outer layers of the tooth due to bacteria in the mouth. Deep cavities cause a lot of pain and may further lead to tooth infection.

• Gum disease- a gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, refers to the inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria in the plaque that gets deposited along the gum line.

• Sensitivity caused due to exposed root of the tooth

• Broken/cracked/ fractured tooth

• Irritation of the pulp that may occur because of a dental treatment

Dental pain treatment

In most cases, dental pain relief can be achieved, even though temporarily, with the use of some medication. Many of the medications for dental pain management may be available without prescription and provide an immediate, even though temporary, relief from dental pain.

However, there are certain precautions to be taken when taking any of these medications for pain relief. It is advisable to consult your dentist at the earliest, as long-term relief can only be achieved by eliminating the cause of the pain.

So, whether the dental pain is caused due to a dental cavity, gum disease or even if it’s a dental implant pain, the proper management lies in the hands of your dentist.

Dental pain management

Since, in many cases, dental pain many be excruciatingly painful, it is necessary to provide a temporary relief to the patient immediately.

If you are unable to get an early dental appointment, some of the following may be of help:dental-pain-relief


• Eat soft foods, away from the side that is paining

• Drink through a straw to avoid the direct impact of hot and cold liquids on the painful site

• Avoid exposing the painful site to hot, cold and sweet things

•Use a toothpaste specially made for sensitive teeth

• A saltwater mouthwash may help relieve the pain in certain cases

To prevent dental pain, one should incorporate healthy habits in one’s daily routine that keep our teeth and gums healthy. One can avoid dental cavities by restricting the intake of sugary foods, brushing/flossing regularly, avoiding snacking in between meals, and just maintaining a good oral hygiene. Visiting a dentist every six months may be another way by which one can prevent the occurrence of a dental pain.

Dental treatments in the US and Canada are expensive, and dentist appointments hard to get. So, for self pay dental work, more people are now seeking dental treatment abroad.


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