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Traveling to Mexico for Teeth Implants

People with one or more missing teeth have only a few options to restore their smile to its natural beauty. They may either go in for removable/fixed dentures or decide to opt out for implants. Dental implants are the most aesthetically pleasing and convenient choice at present. They are however often excluded from health insurance schemes and hence people have to pay through their nose to afford them. teeth-implant

Travelling south of the border for teeth implants or you can say going for any kind of dental work in Mexico is a viable option for people from America, Europe or Canada who are unable to bear the cost of the procedures in their native countries. In Tijuana, Los Algodones, Cancun and other Mexican dental tourism hubs, implants cost one forth to one fifth of the US prices and offer full value for money services.

Easy accessibility, close proximity to America, reduced cost and high quality dental care administered are some of the main factors attracting tourists for dental implants in Mexico.

Are you a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dentists in Tijuana, Los Algodones and other dental tourism hubs of the country are highly qualified and experienced. They conduct thorough checks to ensure that the requisite guidelines for implants are met by all the candidates before going ahead with the procedure. Some points to be kept in mind before going in for implants are:

  • Individuals must be free from any systemic illness
  • Good periodontal and oral health
  • Adequate bone height and width
  • Absence of any addiction to alcohol or tobacco
  • Sound mental and emotional health

Find a Dentist

It is extremely essential for tourists to find a competent dentist  and to discuss their expectations from the procedure and all the risks involved before going in for surgery. It is vital for foreigners to be aware of the following facts while deciding on their implant dentist in Mexico:

  • Type of training received- formal 3 year training or weekend seminars
  • Number of years of experience in placing implants
  • Experience in implant cases
  • Success rates
  • Medical tourists may ask for testimonials by other patients who have received similar treatment in the past.

Most of the leading dentists and dental clinics in Mexico are based in the major cities like Tijuana, Guadalajara or Cancun.

Why Choose to Have Your Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental Tourism in Mexico is fast gaining popularity among tourists from across the globe. There are a number of reasons for this boom in health tourism in the country. As per the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California nearly 8 million people visited Tijuana for one medical procedure or the other in 2009.

  • As many as 115 million Americans do not have dental insurance, which means that the cost of any dental procedure makes a huge hole in the pockets.
  • Dental tourism can result in savings of nearly 60% giving tourists a chance to holiday in the serenity of this Latin American country as well.
  • Dental implants in the leading clinics of Tijuana and Los Algodones are placed by highly experienced dentists, many of whom have been trained in the US itself.
  • Many reputed dental clinics are located close to US border; so it is convenient for medical tourists to visit dentists in Tijuana and other cities in the country.
  • Mexico Dental Association, an active member of the World Dental Federation is the main dental body in the country. It ensures that international standards of hygiene and dental care are administered by the dental clinics in the country.
  • Artificial teeth here are of high quality.

More Than a Dental Holiday

The price of dental implants here is low, and opting for the procedure allows tourists to experience the rich culture and delicious cuisine of this exotic country. chihuahua-mexico

  • Mexican food is known for its flavors, colors and various spices native to the country. It has emerged as a blend of European and indigenous elements since the 16th century.
  • In fact in November 2010, UNESCO included Mexican cuisine in its list of ‘intangible cultural heritage’.
  • Tortillas, gorditas, burritos are a few of the famous food items in the country.
  • Before and after getting their treatment, dental tourists can explore this historic country with its modern appeal, which holds sufficient magnetism to charm any traveler.
  • With twenty nine sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the country beats all other countries in the Americas.
  • Mesoamerican architecture is best known for its urban ceremonial buildings.
  • The major tourist attractions are the El Castillo in the center of the Chichen Itza Yucatán, Metropolitan Cathedral and Palace of Fine Arts in the Mexico city.
  • Also, public transport has made it easy and convenient for tourists to move around in the different cities in the country.

Denta Vacation can help patients get all the information they need about dental implants in the North American country and have all their queries suitably answered.

More and more people are flying to Mexico for dental implants attracted to the high quality dental care, reduced cost and negligible waiting periods this beautiful Latin American country has to offer.

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