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Dental Implants in Phuket – Thailand

Dental Implant (for one tooth) from Au$1,190Dental Implants in Phuket - Thailand

Traveling to receive dental implants in Phuket – Thailand can be an attractive option for those living in Australia,  New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Besides getting quality and affordable traditional or immediate load implants in Phuket, one can enjoy the warm sun on its beautiful beaches, go on a shopping spree in its street markets, or just savor Thai food at some great restaurants that dot the pulsating tropical island.

Implant Prices

Lowest Priced Implants:

Type of Implant Price in Thai Baht Price in Au$*
Single Tooth Implant 30,000-40,000 1,190-1,587
Single-Trip Immediate Load Implant 40,000-45,000 1,587-1,785
All-on-4 Implant 350,000 13,882
Zygoma Implants 580,000 23,005


*As of March 30, 2015, 1 Thai Baht = 0.040 AUD. Contact us through the quote-form for the latest prices and specials.

Besides amazing savings (almost 60-70 percent of the US prices), availability of prompt dental care without any waiting times involved is another factor that makes this Thai destination attractive.

According to a 2008 study by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, 25% of Australian citizens had to wait one to two years to receive care. You can have teeth implants in the Thai province without suffering extended wait times. 

Top Clinic for Your Dental Work

Your dental implant treatment will be done at the only Joint International Commission (JCI)-accredited clinic of Phuket. Here is a sneak-peek of the dental center:

  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited
  • On-site ProDent Inter Dental Lab with highly experienced dental technicians, which ensures customized solutions without much delay
  • CEREC3D customized implant abutments made with CAD/CAM technology which ensures esthetic results
  • Experienced team of dental specialists who have undergone graduation or training in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan or Australia
  • International x-ray services for diagnosis even before your arrival in Thailand – in Australia, the dental center has partner x-ray clinics in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and northern territory
  • Multilingual staff

Common Questions Asked by Dental Tourists

Are the doctors accredited / licensed?

Yes, the clinic features board-certified dental specialists.

 How many years guarantee is the dental work for?

  • Titanium implant fixtures carry a 5-year guarantee (bone grafting excluded)
  • Implant prosthetics carry a 2-year guarantee
  • Your responsibility is to have the prescribed dental cleanings, x-rays and examinations done every six months

What assurance can we get that we are getting infection-free dental work?

The clinic has strict hygiene policies and follows international sterilization standards by using CE-certified sterilization machines.

How close is the beach clinic to the beach?

The Patong beach is just a 10-min (800 m) walk from the dental center. 

How Dental Implants Score Over Traditional Dentures?

Go through the following, and you will know why:Streetview - Phuket - Thailand

  • Dental implants are a well-fitting replacement for missing teeth, allowing you to chew more comfortably and thoroughly. Traditional dentures, on the other hand, tend to be unwieldy and also come with the risk of slipping out at the wrong time at the wrong place.
  • Dental implants allow for a more natural look than dentures.
  • According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, dental implants have a success rate of 95%, making them a very reliable option.
  • You won’t have to worry about your dentures slipping out or becoming loose while speaking or smiling.
  • Though implants cost more than traditional dentures, you can always offset costs since dental implant prices in Thailand are just a fraction of those charged in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Why Phuket?

Whether you choose single tooth implants, or dental implant dentures in Phuket, you will be able to save substantially on your treatment. The benefits, however, do not end here.

  • Your treatment will be facilitated at a well-equipped dental implant center in Patong beach area of the Thai province.
  • This clinic is staffed with the most competent of dental professionals.
  • Thai dentists are now so used to treating patients from all the nooks and crannies of the world, that most of them speak average English. Hence, likelihood of linguistic impediments is less.
  • Thailand is well-connected with Australia. The country is a geographically feasible destination for Australians seeking low cost dental implants abroad.

Dental Implant Review

Dental Implant Testimonial in Patong of a Canadian national –

If I ever need more work done again I will be coming back here for sure. ” – Jack Roberts, Canada

Helpful Info to Make Your Dental Trip Easy

Here is some helpful information on traveling to this dental tourism hub for getting teeth implants:

  • Have a rough estimate of the cost of dental treatment in Thailand. Before you book your air tickets, you must have a fair idea of the savings you can make by traveling to the Southeast Asian country.
  • When booking your flight, you’ll want to look for the international airport (airport code HKT) serving the region, which is also Thailand’s second largest. This airport is about 35 km (22 miles) from Patong, where the ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic we work with.
  • If you’re traveling from Australia, you can find international flights of many popular airlines, such as V Australia, Jetstar, and Air Asia.
  • While Thailand is warm throughout the year, it is the hottest between March and early May. You might also want to avoid the monsoon season, which is from May to October.
  • Phuket is a very large island, so it’s important to plan how you’ll get around during your stay. One of the most convenient options is to take advantage of affordable taxis.

Not Just a Dental Trip

For those wondering how much for dental implants in Patong, you may rest assured that the price is much lower than in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

You may even consider turning your trip into a good dental vacation in this exotic country with the money you save.

Some of the must-dos:

  • Snorkeling, diving, and parasailing.
  • The waterfalls in the island are some of the largest in all of Thailand, particularly during the rainy season, making for a great sight.
  • Chalong Temple, a principal Buddhist temple in the island, is also one of the must-visits.
  • The Paradise Beach in Patong is world-famous for its clear azure waters and is a favorite with tourists.

Dental implants in Phuket are an affordable option for people who dread to see the dentist and his massive bills back home. You receive quick, attentive care from experienced dental professionals.

Submit the free quote request form on the right for more information and the cost of teeth implants in Thailand.