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Why Cancun for a Dental Trip? – New York Resident

John, a resident of New York City, talks why one should come to Cancun for a dental trip. Testimonials of several satisfied patients like John prove beyond doubt that travelling to Mexico for dental implants or for any other dental work is a sensible, safe choice. Following is the video narration: “It’s really a sad […]

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Cancun for Dental Holiday

A reputed dentist from Cancun explains why a lot of people come to Cancun for dental holiday. In the past several years, dental tourism to Mexico has increased several-fold, and Cancun has being among the most visited cities for dental work. Following is the video narration: “Cancun is wonderful! This is part of the paradise. […]

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Permanent and Snap-on Dentures – Cancun Dentist

Know about fixed and removable dentures from a reputed periodontist from Cancun, Mexico. Such information can prove handy for you before you choose to go to Mexico for your dental work. Following is the video narration: “A fixed, we mean fixed dentures, means that this type of denture is cemented or screwed on to the […]

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Benefits of Teeth Implants – Dentist, Costa Rica

A reputed prosthodontist from Costa Rica explains the advantages of dental implants. Affordable and high-quality dental services have made Costa Rica a favored dental tourism destination. Following is the video narration: “We have been around dental implants for many years. Most of you have probably already heard of or know somebody who has an implant or maybe […]

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Zirconia Teeth Implants in Costa Rica

A leading prosthodontist from San Jose, Costa Rica explains the benefits of zirconium implants over traditional implants. With an increase in the volume of dental tourism to Costa Rica, revolutionary changes are being effected in the field, and Costa Rican dentists are keeping up with the changing and demanding times. Following is the video narration: […]

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Holistic Approach to Dentistry in Costa Rica

A leading dental surgeon from Costa Rica speaks about zirconia implants and other dental  procedures for holistic patients. He explains that there has been a surge in dental tourism in Costa Rica owing to the patient-friendly methods used there. Following is the video narration: “There has been a, lately we have been receiving holistic patients, which is something new […]

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