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Methods/Costs of Full Mouth Reconstruction – Indian Dentist

The video shows a leading implant dentist from India discussing different methods full mouth reconstruction. India offers sizable cost advantage over western countries as this Indian dentist outlines the reasons why. Wait, hold your horses, before you head off to India to get your dental rehabilitation done, you should know the risks associated with teeth […]

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Success Rate of Dental Implants in Amman, Jordan

The video shows a Jordanian dental implant surgeon discussing the success rate of dental implants in Amman clinic.  Not knowing the success rate of your dentist could be a cause of anxiety before dental vacation. Narration – “More than one thousand two hundred implants. We don’t have a lot of failure rate. Actually…I can see […]

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Dental Care in Cancun – American Is all Praise!

A New York-resident is all praise about the quality of dental care in Cancun, Mexico. He has been coming to Mexico for Dental work for about a year, and is very happy with the quality of service that he has received.   Following is the video narration: “I am from the New York City area […]

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Child Dentistry – Mexico Dentist’s Interview

A leading dentist from Cancun, Mexico discusses child dentistry, and also the areas in which she specializes. With its highly qualified medical professionals, Mexico provides affordable solutions for missing teeth. Following is the video narration: “Pediatric dentistry gets involved with prevention, so that kids coming to the office usually have their careful exam, and then […]

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Dental Implants Candidate – Mexico Dentist Explains

Who is suited for teeth implants? Watch this video of a Mexican periodontist to find out. He clearly explains what kind of people can consider dental implants in Mexico. Following is the video narration: “We can say that most of the patients will be candidates for dental implants. And this depends on the conditions, the […]

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Early Childhood Tooth Deacy Syndrome- Mexico Dentist Interview

Watch a renowned pediatric dental surgeon from Cancun, Mexico discuss the baby bottle tooth decay syndrome. Dental tourism in Mexico is increasing by the day because it provides dental solutions to problems of all ages, that too at competitive prices. Following is the video narration: “I just want parents, they don’t know that the kids are having […]

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