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Ceramic Vs. Titanium Dental Implants

Watch this interesting video which compares ceramic implants made of zirconia with titanium implants. While titanium implants are known for strength and durability backed by numerous research studies, metal-free zirconia implants are known for their bio-compatibility and ease of maintaining them.   Video Transcription: Dental Implants – effective solution for missing teeth Popular dental implant materials […]

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Risks Associated with Teeth Implants – Costa Rica Dental Surgeon

A leading dental surgeon from Costa Rica informs about the possible risks involved with dental implants and the things to take care of in the post-operative stage. DentaVacations’s network dental clinics in Costa Rica keep their patients well informed, apart from providing them high-quality treatment.   Following is the video narration: “Basically, the risks are, […]

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How a Patient Treatment Plan Is Made – Costa Rica Dentist

A reputed dental implants surgeon from Costa Rica shares how a patient treatment plan is made after a careful study of each case. Such diligence, and high level of professionalism on the part of medical professionals has made Costa Rica  a popular dental tourism destination. Following is the video narration: “There has to a study on the […]

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Implant Dentist from Tijuana Explains Dental Implants

The video shows an implant dentist from Tijuana explaining what implants really are and how they function. However, before you get all excited and pack your bags, it is worthwhile to discover if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants in Mexico.  Narration – “A dental implant is not a very new procedure, it’s a […]

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Infection Control at Top Dental Hospital in India

The video shows a leading dental surgeon at a dental hospital in India talking about the preemptive and proactive infection control measures that are taken at the hospital. Implant dentistry in India couldn’t be much safer.   Narration – “In infection control, we follow all measures that are recommended by the Center of Disease Control in the U.S. […]

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Nobel Biocare Implant Dentistry in Chandigarh

The video shows a leading implantologist from Chandigarh discussing the world-renowned brands in implant dentistry. Used exclusively at his implant dentistry clinic in Chandigarh, the quality of these brands is made available at fraction of the cost. In another video, the doctor shares the cost advantage of full mouth restoration in India. Narration – “Most […]

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