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All on 4 implants in India is being availed by increasing number of patients worldwide. All on four implants is an innovative solution which enables the placement of a complete arch of non-removable, permanent teeth on four strategically placed implants. All on 4 Dental Implants


Missing teeth can not only make normal activities like chewing difficult, it can also lead to a loss in confidence levels. By getting affordable dental implants in India, you can return back to your active lifestyle.


You may wonder about the choice of India for all on 4 dental implants, but fact remains that India has emerged into a leading healthcare destination over a short period of time.


Dental implants are the best solution in terms of esthetics and functionality where the candidate has lost natural teeth or their condition is beyond repair. Dental implants in India are quite pocket friendly, and the quality of dental care here is world class.

Dental implants in India

Denture implants in India are of exceptional quality and second to none with respect to durability and appearance. Usually, biocompatible materials such as Titanium are used for the implants and the prosthetic teeth themselves are made with substances which emulate the look and feel of natural teeth. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States, one fourth of U.S. adults aged 65 years and above have lost all their teeth. Further, oral care is expensive, with about 102 billion dollars spent on oral healthcare in United States in 2009.

Selecting India for All on 4 Implants

Some prominent factors which can help you decide on India for getting your all on four implants are as below:

  • All on 4 implants costs in India are comparatively low than developed nations such as the U.S. and U.K.
  • The quality of medical care in India can be gauged from the fact that there are 16 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited facilities and 73 NABH accredited hospitals.
  • Stringent infection control measures are taken in Indian dental clinics with most of them following ‘autoclaving’ system for sterilizing equipment and using disposable gloves, masks, etc.
  • Low cost of dental treatment does not mean that your denture implants in India are going to be carried out with outdated technology. Many clinics use (ADA) American Dental Association approved equipment.
  • Radio visiography, digital X-rays, etc are some innovative measures to reduce exposure to harmful radiation while you get your all on 4 implants in India.
  • The expertise and experience of dental surgeons in India is exhaustive. Many are associated and affiliated with prestigious bodies such as American Academy of Laser Dentistry, Indian Board of Orthodontists, Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry and more.
  • With many dental clinics combining the experience and ambience of a spa along with dental care, getting dental implants in India can turn out to be a rather holistic experience.
  • In United States alone, nearly 40 million people do not have health insurance. As teeth implant costs in India are extremely competitive, many patients are opting to travel here to get extensive dental work such as all on four implants.
  • Patients awaiting dental treatment in their respective countries will be pleased to know that they can get their denture implants in India almost immediately without any waiting periods involved.
  • While the traditional perception about dental treatment has been that of a painful experience, Indian hospitality and warmth will make your experience of dental implants more comfortable.

Decided to get All on 4 Implants in India? Some tips

  • It is important to check the credentials & work experience of your dental surgeon before you decide to get your all on four implants.
  • Traveling to India is relatively easy as it has 115 airports out of which 17 cater to International flights. Patients from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. can also arrive by road or via sea.
  • In order to save on the cost of dentures, it is not prudent to have dental work such as all on 4 implants from low cost, low quality dental clinics.
  • Major currencies such as U.S. dollar, U.K. pound & Euros can be easily exchanged but some banks may insist on traveler checks. The ATM network in the country is fairly widespread.
  • Foreigners coming to get all on four implants in India are advised to avoid street food and carry bottled water to avoid the possibilities of stomach infections.
  • Prior consultation with your surgeon and the clinic administration is advisable to ensure that there are no hidden costs involved while you get your dental implants in India.
  • Dental tourism in India is evolving and more and more patients are travelling to this country every year for various treatments. A patient must keep his passport, identity card and previous medical records in place because he might be asked for these formal papers at certain points during his trip.

Buddha Statue - India In addition to getting your all on 4 implants in India, another reason to visit this country would be to avail the amazing holidaying experience, it has to offer. It is ranked as the 12th most attractive destination in the Asia- Pacific region for tourism purposes, according to a report by the World Economic Forum.

  • From remnants of the world’s first modern civilization i.e. the Indus valley civilization to Gothic architecture of the British, this country has it all.
  • The Taj Mahal which was included in the list of Seven Wonders by the ‘New 7 Wonders Foundation’ recently is well known worldwide.
  • India has an immensely diverse topography ranging from deserts to beaches to quaint hill stations.
  • It is easy to lose yourself in the magnificent beauty of the deserts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.
  • Tourists may also get drawn towards the pristine beaches in Goa and Kerala.
  • The misty hill stations of Ooty, Shimla, and Darjeeling, etc will enamor you with their charm.

So, if you are suffering from missing teeth and are considering getting dental implants, India can be a destination to be considered. All on 4 implants in India can be affordable enough without compromising on quality and level of care.



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